Pure cotton socks are not the best!These two types of socks make your feet comfortable

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The girl that wears filar socks, have a little secret that cannot be concealed — foot stinks.

The reason is very simple, the material of silk socks does not absorb sweat very much.We have more than a quarter of a million sweat glands on our feet, producing enough sweat to fill half a bottle of mineral water every day.The sweat from the unsucked feet, along with the bacteria, produces the smelly “isovaleric acid” that even beautiful women can’t avoid embarrassment.

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The same is true for many guys. If you don’t wear socks, or if you don’t choose the right socks, your feet will stink easily even if you change them every day.

Socks are good, keep warm and beautiful are of secondary importance, can absorb moisture to sweat just is hard truth.Not only does it reduce the frequency of foot odor, but it also gives your feet a dry environment that doesn’t get wet and sticky, and gives you a better experience.

So, how to choose a pair of socks that absorb moisture and sweat well, without embarrassment?

Mainly look at the material,in addition to cotton, there are two other materials available

If the foot sweat is not much, of course you can choose cotton socks, but the proportion of cotton is not the higher the better.

Cotton is a very general textile material, good moisture absorption effect, comfortable to wear, as a raw material is also cheap.

However, contrary to popular belief, we do not recommend socks made of cotton only.Because cotton has no elasticity and moderate strength and wear resistance, it will not be very comfortable to wear.

No matter be cotton or other socks so, it is suggested to choose to add the chemical fiber composition such as spandex, dacron to blend, can improve durability and comfortable degree very well.

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In addition, although cotton is hygroscopic, the ability to sweat is not so outstanding, if the feet sweat too much, socks may become wet.

Better choices are hemp, bamboo, viscose or Modal.

Both hemp and bamboo fibers have lots of space in them, while viscidity and Modell fibers have grooves on their surfaces, both of which are better at helping to flush out sweat, completing the hygroscopic and sweaty process, and helping to keep your feet as dry as possible even when you sweat.

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Jute fiber cross section

Hemp and bamboo fibers also have natural antibacterial and deodorant effects that help reduce odors to a certain extent, while viscose and Mouldale fibers are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

There are two even better materials, wool and CoolMax.

Wool not only has good moisture absorption and sweat performance, but also can reduce microbial pollution and lock all the bad odors in the shoes, thus sacrificing yourself and making your feet.

CoolMax fiber is a very good functional chemical fiber, which has better moisture absorption and sweat loss than natural fiber. Besides, it has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, so it is often used in outdoor products.

Next, pay attention to the weaving design

If it is summer, you can choose to weave more loose, thin socks, its natural structure is more breathable.

If you sweat a lot between your toes, opt for five-finger socks, where each finger is wrapped and the sweat is sucked away.

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Such socks, because of the uniform force, are less prone to holes.Most everyday five-fingered socks are inherently cute.But some people don’t feel comfortable wearing it at first.

We have three more tips

To keep warm, focus on the ingredients.

Above all, it is the sock with high content of acrylic fiber, polypropylene fiber, these two material quality of a material is light, heat preservation effect is good, the price is cheap still.

There is always on the wool, wool not only moisture absorption effect is good, the warmth effect is good, after all, in the winter, the sheep only wore a wool sweater also very carry cold wow.

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For durable, hole-proof socks, look at the tights and heels.

If feet stink, it’s even more embarrassing to take off your shoes and have holes in your socks.

In the selection can focus on the socks with these two parts have no reinforcement, otherwise uneven wear holes, who wear who embarrassed.

For fear of slipping socks, choose those with anti-skid strips.

Seeing here, I believe you all have a new understanding of how to choose socks.



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