This spring’s delicacy depends on a pair of good-looking socks!

Beautiful Socks 9

Socks, an obscure item, are a fashion tool that can inadvertently reveal your taste in autumn.Think about it, if a person’s socks and underwear are exquisite, then her life must be very ritual, isn’t it?This autumn, let a pair of socks take protagonist aura for you, become the existence that attracts eyeball most on the street.

Socks and biker boots

Beautiful Socks 1

Motorcycle boots this kind of high shoes, in fact, can also take socks, but the long socks will have a sense of visual truncation more show the legs short, so only slightly hidden slightly exposed so a little bit of socks.

There is a limited number of socks that can be matched with Martins. Use other big colors to match other shoes, usually white, for a retro feel.

Beautiful Socks 2

The fishnet stockings in Dior’s catwalk show are also very personal, matching the long skirt, which is really fairy and beautiful.Of course, fishnet socks can also be paired with Vans, such as street hot style, shoes wear the same not terrible, who can’t wear socks who lost.

Socks + Sneakers

Beautiful Socks 3

Sneakers can not be separated from a pair of white socks, especially small white shoes.I still remember the lyrics “miss your smile, miss your white socks”, white socks is the standard of youth.
If you want to be more sporty and retro, the three-bar style is also a classic.However, white and stripes do make your ankles look a little fatter, so black is the best color for slimming your ankles.

Beautiful Socks 4

It’s a must for hipster sneakers to be paired with a pair of hipster socks, especially when the logo of the same brand as the shoe is exposed. Emily deliberately rolled up her pants to reveal the pattern “Off White”, which adds a street feel to the whole body of urban women.

Or pair it with socks with letters and flowers. Large flowered socks, formerly known as low-end goods, have also become popular.

Beautiful Socks 5

Tying up legs is also a trend, but make sure you do it the right way.It keeps the cold out, looks nice and keeps you warm, and if you make a mistake you’ll look fat on your legs.

Socks + Sandals

Beautiful Socks 6

Not long ago, sandals with socks by how many people criticized.’What should I do if my girlfriend wears sandals with socks?’ another group asked online.The answer is: be happy to have such a tasteful girlfriend.Now fashion 2021 is vindication for this combo, sandals with socks are actually chic!

Beautiful Socks 7

Kaia looks like a pair of sandals with socks, doesn’t she?Mainly lies in the fusion of color, the whole body up and down so many clothes also have only a few color department just, the hat is matched with black sandal inside, socks echo with gray coat photograph, match the straight tube jeans of a in the right order, the sandal socks inside the simple wind actually has no concordant feeling, can not help but admire a really nice.

Beautiful Socks 8

Socks and heels also have a coordinated retro tone, so don’t put them away if you still want to wear summer sandals. Try these matching sandals for another season.

The sock that collocation different color department can wear a different style, grasp inaccurate to color the person wears the color that follows shoe close certainly won’t be wrong.

Beautiful Socks 9

Don’t be afraid to wear slippers with socks. Justin Bieber has tried it out for you countless times, and the results are inexorably good. The slippers have even become a big selling point at Drew House, making them fashionable for those who like to wear them.

Socks + Loafers/Mary Jane

Beautiful Socks 10

A trendy combination called loafers/Mary Jane + socks, which is also retro, has faced less skepticism than sandals with socks.

Qiu winter brown department dark blue wine red is very appropriate, gentle elegance has connotation, want to give more color still can try wave dot or rhomboid design.

Beautiful Socks 11

Of course, sock also can serve as the pen of the dot eyeball that whole body is tie-in, will be worn originally flatly take fashionable feeling to rise an administrative level.If you’re looking for a bland outfit but want to keep it low-key, a unique pair of socks will do the trick.

Beautiful Socks 12

White lace socks with this year’s popular Mary Jane, a fairy-air long skirt, outside with loose knitwear, even the girls will want to protect you, you are the most fashionable girl this year, little fairies quickly wear it!

And then there’s the sock negative list, which I urge you to hold on to, my eager friends.

1: Always wear a good pair of socks when you go out to play!

Beautiful Socks 13

I put this one to the test myself, because you never know where your best friends might pull you to a magical place at any moment.If you’re at a sushi restaurant or at a friend’s house, the moment you take off your shoes, your socks will be the center of attention, and there’s nothing to blame for a broken toe.

Especially if you go out to attend an event, even if your shoes are expensive with inferior socks, it seems that people will feel ordinary.

2: Soy socks are not pretty I can’t get!

The second is Japanese bubble socks, the girls who like Japanese style should not be strange, but we wear socks on the socks embellish bow, flounces, auricular edge and other decorations, it is very soft sprout.Or maybe a nerd would go crazy for a pair of high socks with a miniskirt, bubble socks I really don’t find the beauty in that.

Beautiful Socks 14

It is said that the original reason for the popularity of socks is that the enlarged volume of the calf in contrast to the visual effect of the calf is more slender, but, most of the calf really can not support up!

Now from time to time will also see in the street Japanese girls wear, but no matter how thin are worn as elephant legs.And…Even if the theory of practicality is not good, walking doesn’t look good, the key is the thermal performance seems to be not good…..

3: Hot style bare leg artifact can not Hold will be very embarrassing!

Leg Barefoot, also known as flesh-colored stockings, has been dubbed hot style since then, but few people have been able to pull it off, despite the fact that many of the photos show thin, invisible legs.If the color is too white or too yellow, it will be very false. If the silk you buy is still relatively rough, it will be even more uncomfortable. Therefore, you must be sure to buy before buying.



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