What attracted me to this Instagram blogger was — her socks!

Her Socks 14

A stylish girl is one who is delicate from head to toe and has a special style from hat to socks. Otherwise, how can she deserve the title of stylish girl?I found an Instagram blogger who wears socks all the time.

Her Socks 1

When it comes to tights, this is probably what everyone imagines: basic, black, tights.Indeed, black is visually slimming, versatile and resistant to dirt, so it’s no wonder that black tights are so popular.

Her Socks 2

But how about trying some colored ones?Look at this vibrant yellow.

Her Socks 3

Vivacious green

Her Socks 4

Tender and romantic purple.These colorful tights are not only stylish, but also a statement of character.It’s much more glamorous and different than the traditional black.

Her Socks 5

If you’re feeling a little too flamboyant and want to keep it low key, pair a pair of boots with a colorful tights. A hint of green is simply not too dramatic.

Her Socks 6

Still have the filar stocking of transparent quality of a material besides, white pure and flawless, the edge edge of the lace on thigh lets you seconds become sexy beauty.The editor thinks over-the-knee boots are a perfect match. They’re warm and beautiful, with an angel halo.

Her Socks 7

Or does not deserve boots, the skirt wears heavy heavy heavy type, also can resist wind and cold.Otherwise low saturation beige with black leggings always feel out of place, replace it with milky white look more pleasing.

Her Socks 8

Common socks are solid colored, heavy, cotton, or knitted.Dark blue is melancholy and deep, matching the dark colors that autumn and winter often wear is just right.

Her Socks 9

Black and white is a super classic color combination, so you can never go wrong with it. White T-shirt with creamy white cake skirt, socks also choose the same color, it is easy to wear a high-level feeling, without any clutter.

Her Socks 10

Light blue, with black shoes is not a bit out of place.Low saturation, clean color, as if wearing a cloudless sky on the feet.

Her Socks 11

Be bold and try red!Hot red comes with attack, orange color looks warm, no longer have to worry about the year of this life to wear red socks was mockery soil, obviously super good-looking!

Her Socks 12

The retro plaid of red elements looks very light and ripe. Red elements make up the majority of the red elements, which is very Christmas.Just in time for Christmas!

Her Socks 13

The print style is a little granny style, the light blue style is pure and pure, the dark blue print retro attracts the eye, it is too beautiful to wear out of the street.

Her Socks 14

Short socks made of thin silk are less heavy and more tender.Transparent silk is light and breathable, and the rose pattern gives people a sense of charm.Any pair of chunky and small black shoes will look good.

Her Socks 15

If the silk is too cold, the cotton socks can also have a pattern.Be inferior to rose enchanting but have a kind of cool Wen Wan feeling, tie-in red small leather shoes restoring ancient ways, super literature and art.



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